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Experience the pinnacle of vaping with Cereal Cartridges, expertly crafted for unmatched taste and strength. Each cartridge is 1 gram and compatible with a standard 510-threaded battery. Cereal Carts are lab-tested and free from additives, cutting agents, flavorings, or colorings.

We utilize a full spectrum technique to capture all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes in each strain to pull out the strain’s unique characteristics. Cereal Cartridges stand tall above competitors regarding ease of use, portability, and functionality. These cartridges have penetrated the cannabis market over the last several years, quickly becoming the go-to cartridge for both novice and connoisseur cannabis users.

A recent study amongst cannabis users shows that Cereal Vape Pens are amongst the top 5 most preferred vape brands for novice users. We have decided to make vaping enjoyable for everyone. we have also put in a lot of effort to provide customers with what they want.

Our Vision

Through our visionary approach, Cereal Carts aims to revolutionize the cannabis landscape, igniting hope in every heart. Offering not just products, but pathways to fulfillment and empowerment, we craft solutions that resonate deeply with cannabis enthusiasts. With unwavering dedication, we bring you premium THC cartridges, enhancing lives and ushering in transformative journeys. Join us as we pave the way to a brighter future in the cannabis industry, where every aspiration is within reach and every dream is realized.

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Absolutely blown away by the potency and flavor of Cereal Carts! Each puff is a smooth and satisfying experience that’s second to none. Highly recommend

Sarah M.

Cereal Carts are my new go-to for a reliable and consistent vaping experience. The flavors are top-notch, and I love knowing that I’m getting quality THC distillate every time. Five stars!

James R.

From the moment I tried Cereal Carts, I knew I had found something special. The flavors are incredibly authentic, and the effects are powerful yet balanced. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

Jessica H.

Frequently Asked Questions

When purchased from our official website (https://cerealcarts.co/), we can guarantee that the Cereal Carts are safe to use. Be sure to check the authenticity before consuming. It has ZERO additives or filters and is free from the following;

  • No PG, PEG, VG
  • No Contaminants
  • No Pesticides Detected
  • Vitamin E

Follow this link for Cereal Carts Verification

https://cerealcarts.co/ is the safest place to shop Cereal Carts products. There are a lot of fake dealers and copycats trying to sell fake products.

  • Locating the verification code at the back of the Cereal Carts
  • Enter the unique verification code in the box above
  • Follow this link for Cereal Carts Verification
  • Enter the verification code on our website to verify your product

You are currently on our Official Online Store (https://cerealcarts.co), where you can order Cereal Carts and get them delivered to your doorstep. All you need to do is place your order, pay, and your package will be shipped to you.

The price of Cereal Carts ranges between $8 to $40

1-gram Cereal Carts should keep going as long as 160 to 320 puffs. Based on these numbers, Cereal Carts can last for as little as a week or two with frequent use

No, Cereal Carts cannot be refilled. This is to maintain the quality of our products and also protect you from fakes

Cereal Carts only come as 1-gram cartridges.

Cereal Carts are compatible with any 510 threaded battery within a 3.2v-3.7v voltage range. A regular 510 threaded battery lasts 1.5-2 hours. Mega is 2-3 hours. Other than that, then something is wrong with your battery or charger.

Still Need Help?

If you have any more questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to contact us directly. And of course, if you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable product, be sure to check out our products. Thanks for reading! Remember to always vape responsibly, happy vaping!